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Don't have a mobile website? You may be losing out to more than 60% of your audience

Making the choice between having a Mobile specific site and a Responsive Site should be based on what your viewers expect and want to see about your business.

Research shows that on average smartphone users check their devices 150 times a day and are using that device for at least 177 minutes each and every day.     That’s just over a minute each time the phone is used.

If you need a website that is:

  • Super Flexible with content moving freely across all devices
  • a great User Experience – no scrolling or re-sizing needed
  • Cost Effective with one solution across all platforms
  • preferred and given ranking priority by the Search Engines
  • easy to manage – only one strategy needed for all devices

A responsive website is one that uses the desktop design and then reconfigures the pages in response to the device that is being used to view it – i.e. mobile, large or small tablet or desktop.   The pages are resized accordingly and the information contained therein re-aligned.

Responsive sites will display all the elements of your desk top version and keeps your domain name.  Responsive sites switch size and appearance automatically between devices.  Once a site is made responsive, that’s the job done.